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RMK Online Shop Terms and Conditions

Established March 27,
2018 Revised November 1, 2018

  Ecip Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") defines the terms of trading conducted through "RMK Online Shop" operated by the Company as follows.

Article 1 Scope of the Terms and Changes, etc.

  1. "Service" means a mail order service for "RMK Online Shop" operated by our company, which is implemented through the Internet. In addition, Internet sites and Web pages etc. are collectively referred to as "this medium".
  2. The Terms apply to the Company and the purchaser of the Product (the "Customer") with respect to the purchase and sale of the Company's products ("the Product") sold through the Service. Customers using this service are deemed to have agreed to all of these terms.
  3. The Company may change the Terms without prior notice to the Customer, and the Customer shall consent to this without objection. The terms and conditions of the amended Terms and Conditions shall be effective from the time of posting on this page. However, if it has a significant impact on customers, a reasonable advance notice period shall be established in advance. In addition, the content of this service may be changed, stopped or canceled at any time without notifying the customer if the company deems it necessary. With respect to the customer's damages caused by the change of the terms or the change of service, the suspension, or the discontinuation, if the damage is caused by our negligence (except for serious negligence), we will directly and usually occur. We will only be liable for damage within the scope.
  4. We may set additional conditions depending on the content of this service.
  5. The Company shall not guarantee the content, completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or any other guarantee for the use of this service, except as provided for in laws and regulations.

Article 2 Use of this service

  1. Use of this service is limited to those living in Japan.
  2. If you wish to purchase this product through this service, personal information and other necessary information (hereinafter referred to as "registration information") on the customer information registration screen on the Internet site (hereinafter referred to as "this site") of this service. Please enter) and register as a member.
    1. There will be no cost for customers to register and maintain membership status. However, the customer shall bear the expenses for the terminal and the communication expenses etc. which are required to use this service.
    2. When a change occurs in the registered information, the customer shall promptly notify the change in the prescribed method set forth on this site. We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to you or a third party due to the change of registration. Please be aware that delivery etc. will be performed according to the pre-change registration information for the order placed by the customer prior to the change registration.
  3. If the Company determines that the reason for each item of this section applies, the customer may be refused registration.
    1. In the case where we have been suspended from using the service due to violation of the terms and conditions established by the company in the past
    2. If registration information and application content contain false matters
    3. Other cases where the Company judges that it is appropriate to refuse registration
  4. About management of ID and password
    1. Customers who register from this site must set an ID and password to use this service.
    2. You can not disclose, transfer or lend your own ID and password to a third party.
    3. Customer is solely responsible for the management and use of his / her ID and password. All acts performed using the ID or password are deemed to have been made by the customer unless there is a reason to blame on the customer.
    4. If you find that your ID or password is being used illegally by a third party , please contact the RMK Online Shop Support Center immediately.
    5. If your ID or password is improperly used and damages the Company or a third party, you will be compensated or compensated for the damage.
  5. We prohibit the actions by customers and the actions that are likely to be caused by each item. If the customer performs any of the acts specified in each item of this section, the Company can cancel the membership status of the customer specified in the Terms without notifying the customer.
    1. Act of registering false content at the time of registration
    2. Acts of unauthorized use of another person's ID or password or acts of making another person use their own ID or password
    3. Sending or writing harmful computer programs etc. to this site
    4. Acts that infringe on copyrights, intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, etc. of the Company or a third party related to this service
    5. Abuse or defamation of our company or a third party
    6. Acts that interfere with the operation of this service
    7. Commercial, act of purchasing this product for resale
    8. Acts contrary to public order and morals or acts violating laws and regulations
    9. If the Company deems it appropriate to refuse registration
  6. If the Company determines that the reasons for each item of this section apply, the Company may suspend the use of the Service by the customer without prior notice.
    1. If there is a refusal to receive this product you ordered
    2. If it is appropriate to stop using the service
  7. You may withdraw from this service at any time by following the procedures set forth on this site.

Article 3 About ordering

  1. We will send you an "Order Completed E-mail" for your order. By sending this e-mail, the sales contract pertaining to the order shall be concluded. After the contract is concluded, you may not cancel or change the order at your convenience.
  2. The upper limit of the order amount is up to 50,000 yen (tax included) per day. The upper limit of the number of orders is up to 3 items (each color) for all products. The upper limit of usage per month is up to 200,000 yen (tax included). In addition, regardless of the above, there may be a limit on the order quantity depending on the product or service.
  3. If you wish to deliver this product to an address different from your own address, please be sure to obtain prior approval from the shipping address before ordering. If it is found that the delivery destination has not been approved at the time of delivery of this product, we can cancel the order without the customer's approval.
  4. If you wish to deliver this product to an address different from your own address, we may disclose your name, address and phone number to the shipping address. Also, even if the customer specifies the location of Japan as a delivery destination of this product, it is reasonably possible that the order is intended for transfer or export etc. outside Japan. , We may refuse the order.
  5. After the second order, we may refuse the order after the order until we can confirm your payment for the order prior to the order.
  6. We may cancel your order if we decide that the reasons for each item in this section apply. In that case, we will notify the customer of the cancellation of the order in the same way as the notification of the completion of the order defined in paragraph 1 of this Article. The Company has no obligation to explain the reason for such cancellation.
    1. If your order is not suitable for the order method specified in these Terms
    2. If the customer's order differs from the transaction conditions such as the price of the product described in this medium as of the order date
    3. In the case where this Article 5 is applicable
    4. If the Company deems inappropriate for credit management based on customer information
    5. When an act that causes other customers, third parties or our company to cause nuisance, disadvantage or damage, or an act that may cause them is discovered or foreseen
    6. If the product is ordered out of stock, etc., the company may stop selling or temporarily stop selling it
    7. If the product can not be delivered due to an unknown addressee (including the case where the customer's order information is incomplete due to a communication problem etc.)
    8. If there is a possibility of going against public order
    9. When it is appropriate to refuse other orders

Article 4 Price

  1. The price of the product will be described in the medium to which the customer refers when ordering. Price is the total price display including consumption tax.
  2. The processing of fractions less than 1 yen when calculating consumption tax etc. is calculated according to the rules established by our company. Due to the difference in calculation method, an error of 1 yen may occur per product.
  3. The shipping cost is free if your order amount is ¥ 6,480 (tax included) or more. If the order amount is less than 6,480 yen (tax included), the customer will be charged 540 yen (tax included) nationwide as part of the shipping cost once. Other fees will be stated for each media that you refer to when ordering.

Article 5 Payment

  1. The payment method of this product price is limited to the method prescribed in this Article. Payment methods that can be provided may be changed or limited depending on the product or time of sale, so please check with this medium that you refer to when ordering.
  2. In case of using COD
    1. If you use "Cash on delivery", please pay the price for this product to a courier company that we consign in cash when receiving this product. Please check this medium for the existence of COD fee and the charge.
    2. For some areas, cash on delivery settlement may not be available due to the convenience of the courier company. In that case, we may consult with you about changes in payment methods etc. after contacting your order completion.
  3. When using credit card payment
    1. The Company will confirm the customer's approval for payment performance (hereinafter referred to as "Settlement Confirmation") to the credit card company designated by the customer. In the following cases, we can cancel or reject your order before or after payment confirmation.
    2. (1) When there is notification from the credit card company designated by the customer to the effect of card credit default

      (2) When it becomes clear that the customer's ability to pay has become compromised

    3. Please use your own credit card.
    4. Credit card payment method is limited to one payment only.
    5. Please refer to the shopping guide on this site for the types of credit cards available.
    6. The payment of the product price by the customer is based on the membership rules of each credit card company. Please check that for details. The Company shall not be liable for any disputes that arise between you and the credit card company.
    7. The settlement date of payment by credit card may vary due to the circumstances of our company or credit card company.
  4. When using convenience store payment (prepayment)
    1. When using "Convenience store payment (prepayment)", payment is only cash.
    2. The payment deadline is 10 days from the order. It will be canceled after 10 days. Please confirm the convenience store which can be used with this medium.
    3. In addition to the above, please refer to the shopping guide for details on convenience store payment.
  5. Other payment methods that can be used will be described in this medium, which will be referred to when ordering.
  6. We will issue a "delivery statement" specifying the quantity and amount of the order item when shipping the item. If you do not need a delivery statement, please select on the order screen. Changes can not be made after order completion.
  7. We do not issue "receipts" to our customers, as we outsource collection of payments from individual customers to an outside company. If you need a receipt, if you use cash on delivery to a courier company for payment, if you use credit card payment to a credit card company, if you use convenience store payment (prepayment) Please contact the Convenence Store of

Article 6 Shipping and Delivery

  1. The shipment of this product by our company is after payment confirmation in case of using credit card payment, after payment in case of using cash on delivery, after payment completion in case of convenience store payment (prepayment), other payment methods In the case of, it will be done after confirmation completed separately by us.
  2. When ordering this product, you can specify the desired delivery date and desired delivery time zone within the time period specified by our company. If not specified, this product will be delivered in about 4 to 7 days after the completion of payment confirmation in the preceding paragraph, after completing the order, or after confirming payment, or after completing confirmation separately designated by us. However, regardless of your specification, delivery days and times may be around due to unavoidable circumstances such as traffic conditions and natural disasters, when national holidays such as the New Year holidays or Golden Week are consecutive.
  3. Regardless of the payment method chosen by the customer, the ownership of the product shall be transferred from the company to the customer when the delivery company delivers the product to the recipient. If the customer designates a third party other than the customer as the recipient, the company will transfer it to the third party when the delivery company delivers the product to the third party. The same applies to the risk of loss of this product and the transfer timing of the risk burden.
  4. For some areas, such as remote islands, our company's designated courier company can not deliver this product, so we may refuse your order, or we may not be able to make a cash-on-delivery settlement, so we will limit the payment method there is. For more information RMK online shop Support Center please contact.
  5. We can not accept orders with delivery outside Japan.
  6. We can not accept orders for delivery to locations where we can not identify your location, such as where you are staying, such as your destination hotel or business trip destination office, public facilities, etc.
  7. The specification of the courier company can not be accepted.
  8. After "order is placed", it is not possible to transfer this product to a third party or set a security interest in this product until delivery to the customer.
  9. Please contact the RMK Online Shop Support Center for questions regarding ordering, shipping and delivery .
  10. Please note that we will bring this product back if you or the recipient are not present at the delivery destination. In addition, please note that we may be charged additional shipping charges for redelivery after a specific point in time if we can not take the prescribed redelivery procedure of the delivery company without reasonable reasons. The gift items may be re-delivered to the customer if the delivery destination is not received for any reason.

Article 7 Return and Exchange

  1. As a general rule, we do not accept returns or exchanges of this product except when this product is wrong, there is a defect in this product, or delivery error. If you make a mistake about this product, or if there is a problem with this product or a delivery error , please contact the RMK Online Shop Support Center within 8 days of the arrival of this product . We will guide you from the person in charge. Please note that we can not accept it after that.
  2. In cases where we can not accept returns or exchanges, this includes cases due to customer convenience and cases that fall under each item of this section.
    1. If the customer or the receiver did not contact us within 8 days after the arrival of the product
    2. When the product package has been opened (It does not matter whether or not the product is used. Also, if multiple products are bundled in the delivery package, it is possible to use only one of the products. If opened, we can not accept returns or exchanges.)
    3. In the event of injury or damage at your own risk
    4. If any one of the instructions or accessories other than this product package is destroyed or lost
    5. The conditions for return / exchange of these terms and conditions do not apply to our products purchased by customers other than by this service.
  3. This product error, if there is a defect in this product and if we believe that it is appropriate as a delivery mistake, we will accept returns or exchanges within 8 days after the arrival of this product.
  4. In case of return, we will make a refund upon arrival of the product to us. The refund will be made within one month from our company, and please forgive about the interest rate such as the interest rate between the customer's payment and the refund.
  5. Refund will be made to the person who paid for the product. However, if using credit card payment, the credit card holder will be refunded.
  6. Although this product has been delivered from our company to a courier company etc., it will be returned to our company if the delivery is not complete because the product will be kept for 7 days or more due to the absence of customers etc May be treated as.
  7. If you wish to return the product, please contact the RMK Online Shop Support Center first . After confirming the reason for the return, we will inform you about the details of the procedure.
  8. Even if you wish to replace this product in accordance with this Article, if the product is a limited product, such as a limited product, the same product may not be available.
  9. If you or the recipient of this product returns this product to us without prior notice or notification to us, we may return it to the delivery address at the expense of you or the recipient. Or, there is a case to be allowed to discard this product received. In this case, the customer or the recipient shall not make any objection to the Company.

Article 8 About this product

  1. This product, please read carefully the indications such as how to use and notes on use described in this product or this product package etc., and please use according to those stated items.
  2. If this product has a warranty period, it is stated on the warranty attached to each product. Please see that for details.
  3. If you have any inquiries or requests regarding this product or how to use this product, please contact the contact information listed on each product or product package. (Please contact reception hours / weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00, except on weekends and holidays, the New Year holidays, and the Bon holiday). (Contact information is described in each product or product package).

Article 9 Limitation of liability

  1. We can not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by the customer's fault such as an error in the usage of this product.
  2. If there is a defect in this product due to reasons that should be attributed to our company, please contact the contact address described in paragraph 3 of the preceding article or the contact described in this product or the package of this product.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for damages arising from reasons not to be blamed by the Company. In the event of damages arising from our errors (except for serious errors), we shall be liable only for damages which are directly and usually caused thereby.
  4. This product package and notation may be changed without notice and may differ from the actual delivery of this product.
  5. The color of this product may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the monitor settings and printing of your computer.
  6. If natural disasters or any other reasons that can not be attributed to the Company, the Company can not fulfill the obligations specified in the Terms, the Company may terminate the sales contract pertaining to the Products upon notice to the customer. In this case, we shall return the price, etc. that we have already received to the customer, and the customer shall make no other claim to the company.
  7. This site does not notify the customer of periodical system maintenance for stable operation, system failure due to fire or blackout, etc., or when the company decides that it is absolutely necessary to shut down the system. It is possible to stop or stop the function. Even if damages are caused to customers or third parties such as recipients, the Company shall not be liable for the damages.

Article 10 Handling of personal information

  1. A method according to the stop of notification and disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use a third party provides the purpose of use of your personal information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Disclosure Request"), the " personal information protection guidelines Please confirm " publication matter based on" law on protection of personal information "" based on . However, the offer of disclosure claims, "Equipe Affairs Department Co., Ltd. Contact Us about RMK personal information please contact".
  2. If you receive personal information in writing from the customer, we will confirm the content at our company, store it properly for a certain period, and then dispose of it. Please note that the submitted documents can not be returned.

  3. We can not accept the disclosure request because the password described in Article 2, Section 4, Item 1 is processed only in the computer for security enhancement and the person in charge of the RMK Online Shop Support Center can not search it.
  4. The following information used for payment is exchanged between you and GMO Payment Gateway Co., Ltd., a payment agent company of this service, and we can not accept disclosure requests because we do not have them. Credit card information when using credit card payment
  5. Customers who have not purchased this service for 2 years or more since the last use date of this service, customers who have not been contacted, and personal information of customers who have not used this service (including login to the Internet site) I will delete it.
  6. The Company shall use personal information acquired from customers within the scope of purpose of use for which delivery of this product and other customers have been agreed in advance. In addition, the customer's personal information will be handled in accordance with our " Personal Information Protection Guidelines ". If the contents of this section differ from the guidelines, the contents of this section take precedence over this service.

Article 11 About the seller and miscellaneous rules

  1. If there is a dispute between our company and the customer, we will try to resolve it in good faith after consultation, but in the case of a lawsuit, the exclusive agreement jurisdiction of the first trial is the Tokyo District Court will do.
  2. The company is responsible for the operation of the service is as follows.
  3. Ecip Corporation

    Location: 1-36, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032, Osaki New City Building No. 3 10F
    "RMK Online Shop" Operating Manager Yosuke Maezawa
    The Company is responsible for managing all or part of the service. A part is outsourced to Kao Corporation (location: 1-14-10 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo). For matters not specified in this agreement, this service shall be in accordance with the "Kao Direct Sales Service Terms of Use " (hereinafter referred to as the "Kao Agreement") as defined by Kao Corporation . In the event of a conflict between the Kao Terms and the Terms and Conditions, the contents of the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

  4. For sales with this service, for inquiries regarding orders, deliveries, payments, etc., please contact the following contact point.

RMK Online Shop Support Center


Mobile phone is also available.

Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 (except weekends and holidays)

About the holiday which our company specifies, it is displayed by this medium each time.

Your call with the customer may be recorded to receive the offer correctly and to confirm the content of our response.